Tool Funds

Quelab has many tools available for use to our members and visitors.  Some of them are simple hand-tools, and others are complicated machine-tools.  And all of them cost money to maintain.  We are always raising funds to repair, refurbish, and enhance our tools to make our shop ever more useful to the community.

We will also have fundraisers here to buy new tools, so check back often!

Plasma Cutter

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $500.00
Every so often, Plasma Cutters come up for auction. When they do, they go quickly. This will enable us to pre-fund buying a plasma-cutter, so when it shows up, we can strike! Or if we make the full amount, we can just buy one outright.

Vinyl Cutter Replacement

Collected: $60.00
Goal: $300.00
We want the ability to cut (on the vinyl cutter) items printed on the large format printer, and our current vinyl cutter isn't cooperating. This will enable us to buy a brand new cutter (with warranty!) which will add some nice features to our digital arts lab. After matching gifts from several members, we project needing between $200 & $300 for this purchase. Any overage will be applied to buying supplies for the digital arts lab such as ink or special papers.

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