Tool Funds

Quelab has many tools available for use to our members and visitors.  Some of them are simple hand-tools, and others are complicated machine-tools.  And all of them cost money to maintain.  We are always raising funds to repair, refurbish, and enhance our tools to make our shop ever more useful to the community.

We will also have fundraisers here to buy new tools, so check back often!

Quelab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entirely run by volunteers, thanks for helping us continue to be awesome!

Touch-free Hand Sanitizer Stations and Supplies

Collected: $25.00
Goal: $500.00
Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are somewhat necessary nowadays as a means to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. One of our long-time Quelab members, Darren, was able to pull some strings to have two dispensers delivered and installed at Quelab: one immediately to the left of the main entrance, and one within the Laser Cutter room. Now, these aren't free; quite the contrary, they definitely aren't cheap either. They are commercial-grade dispensers, with a full retail value of just over $500. Will we be able to reach this much? Possibly. Any additional funds received over cost, will be applied to the Quelab General fund to help make sure we have it for these consumables and others (like paper towels and other sanitary products) Any amount you can donate will help.

MAKECNC Lifetime Membership

Collected: $425.00
Goal: $1,033.00
For purchase of a Lasercutting & CNC Patterns Repository. Quelab was approached by an anonymous donor offering to put up $1,000, half the cost of a lifetime membership to the website. MAKECNC sells all types of patterns, 3d models, etc. for laser cutting or creation on a CNC machine. NOTE: Be sure to choose "MAKECNC Lifetime Membership Fundraiser" for the Donation Purpose" on the next screen for your donation to apply to this fundraiser!

Plasma Cutter

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $500.00
Every so often, Plasma Cutters come up for auction. When they do, they go quickly. This will enable us to pre-fund buying a plasma-cutter, so when it shows up, we can strike! Or if we make the full amount, we can just buy one outright. NOTE: Be sure to choose "Plasma Cutter Tool Fundraiser" for the Donation Purpose" on the next screen for your donation to apply to this fundraiser!

Help finalize setup of our new Laser Cutter!

Collected: $922.00
Goal: $1,000.00
Thanks to a generous donation, Quelab is happy to announce that we have a second laser cutter! However, we still need to purchase a new chiller, ducting, and other parts to finish installation of the new laser cutter as well as refurbing the Laser Cutter room. Your donation will help us get the new machine up and running, and any excess funds raised will go to our general fund.

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